Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat scratches, love bites and belly rubs

Our pets mourn us when we're gone.

My hand has tiny scratches and my knuckles were chewed on last night. The Cat has become clingy. Needy. He goes into my mom's room to look for her and then cries. We have been blessed with cats that are vocal... our previous cat had a very melodious voice, our current cat can carry on full conversations - changes in intonation that let us know his moods. He meows questioningly and then cries. Oy. I've been spending time with him... more play, more petting. We've told him that mom has passed and I think he understands in his own way. He is now keeping an eye on the three of us at home. My brother thinks that the Cat is concerned that another one of us may leave. I wonder if he'd been around to see my mom at the moment of her passing if he'd be less clingy.

Our Dog seems to be handling my mom's passing fairly well though I've noticed he's been eating less. He was present during the funeral rites at my home - sat quietly under a table and observed all that was happening. I've been trying to give him more belly rubs than usual. We've had him for the past almost-13 years and I know he and mom were close. Will have to keep an eye on him.

Send love to my entire family... we're all grieving in our own ways, human and animal alike.


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