Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Remembering her through song...

Something people have not known about me till now: I like singing. Granted I prefer to sing in my car... when it's just me, myself and I... but, I do like singing, if there is singing happening I'll take part. I know songs from way back when my parents were teens, I know present-day songs, I know songs from different faiths - there are a lot of songs in the world. 

My mom also liked singing and, like me, knew all sorts of songs. I think most people will remember her for her devotional singing and chanting. She was always very moved by the music. She always moved to the music... I'm one that might sway a little bit, my mom was one that would clap and sway and be completely involved in the singing (my brother takes after her in that regard).

Ecstasy and liberation can be found through chanting and singing... just ask Meerabai.  

We've been holding nightly mini-satsangs... it's mostly chanting followed by meditation and is definitely something that my mom would approve of and would do for her friends who have passed. It makes me feel close to her... it helps with the current period of transitions we're all going through. 

Apart from the devotional songs though, I remember her love for Anne Murray and others... in the past few weeks I'd sit by her bedside and stream music - playlists of Anne Murray, Abba, the Beatles, Nana Mouskouri and others. God bless YouTube and technology. 

There are lots of songs in the world and they're all going to make me remember my mom. I'm fine with that - all of those memories are filled with happiness and love and in my mind's eye I can see her singing.


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Anonymous said...

It is said that music is food for the soul .... I love music especially when accompanied by guitar and or flute