Monday, April 1, 2013

The blog's birthday!

Okay... no, it isn't. Happy April Fool's Day? I'm not very good at pranks and such or perhaps it's that I'm not particularly interested in playing pranks on people. I'm much more likely to be fooled than to fool. Ah well. 

I missed the blog's birthday this year though and thought that this post would be the one celebrating the blog. Three years as of March 26th 2013. Whoa. Three years of somewhat-consistent blogging. I find it interesting to reread what I've written - what I was thinking and feeling at different points in time. I'm feeling pretty awesome that I've stuck with the writing... yes, there have been moments (or months) of non-writing but I knew that there would be and the blog is still going. Cheers to me. 

The cute guy asked what my mission/vision was for the blog. We've been working on mission/vision statements for his work and I guess it's only reasonable that it would carry over. I'm thinking about it. The blog was started to help me with understanding myself... and as an encouragement for me to be in the present, appreciate each moment, see where I missed out on that. I've also wanted it to be a space where I can share whatever I think is worth sharing in the hope that it speaks to whoever may come across it. 

I'm not quite sure how to put that into a mission/vision... nor am I sure that I want to have a stated mission/vision. I've been thinking that perhaps I can develop my own manifesto... something along the lines of this: 

Found here:
I'm trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go with the blog. As with my life, I'm not quite sure. Hopefully someday soon there will be an epiphany and I'll discover what/where I'm supposed to be. 



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