Friday, April 19, 2013

Thinking about cleaning...

Spring cleaning?

I'm not very into cleaning. I go through periods where I try to clean room and house... it gets to a somewhat satisfactory state... and then it starts returning to how it was before. Bah humbug. Cleaning my room or at least getting it into a fairly neatened state is something I try to do before my birthday each year (and Divali... and Christmas... and random moments). I may not always succeed. Around this time last year I labelled it as the Quest for Total Room Domination. I will rule the stuff - the stuff will not rule me! Everything will be in its proper place! Mwahaha!

Am going to try to clean a bit of my room this weekend. Hopefully it goes well. 

I also think the Universe is pushing me into it. Was thinking to blog something different today and so I thought that I'd try a NaBloPoMo prompt. Today's prompt? 
"Which cleaning task do you enjoy the most? The least?"
Ergh. I don't even know.

Anyone wants to help me clean?


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