Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Reminder?

The first healing card that I drew said that, 'The Soul is on Earth for its own delight'. I drew that card again today. A reminder from the Universe? I need to reflect on this card more? 


My day was supposed to be crazy busy. Early morning meeting. Trip to licensing office. Bills to transfer from my mom's name to mine. 

It was busy... but not in a crazy way. I left early for my meeting as it was in an area I'd never been to. Got there early, scoped out the place and went for coffee. Caramel lattes are divine. Some time with coffee and my Kindle is an ideal way to prepare for any meeting. My office called to say there was stuff happening and that I didn't need to come in for the rest of the day. Suddenly I had time to do... anything. Got through with my errands and was home early. I had fun driving, interacting with people, enjoying the day. 

Perhaps that's what I was meant to do?

Some days it's hard to remember that we're supposed to be enjoying life. Sometimes it's too easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle. 

I'm glad today was not one of those days.


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