Saturday, May 18, 2013

Boy-Girl Issues.

Man-Woman Issues?

At what age do we stop referring to ourselves as a boy/girl? 

Hmm. Anyway. 

Went to see Star Trek Into Darkness with the cute guy and his friends. If you are a Star Trek fan or an action fan or just want to enjoy a good movie I'd recommend it. The story was solid, the visuals were amazing, the soundtrack was excellent. There was one main thing that stood out that I was unimpressed by (and it's not just me!) but... overall good movie. 

Was grumpy with the cute guy and am sorry for it. I think the previous days of blogging has let the world know it's that time of month... Moody. I am moody. 

Was fine except that the movie was at 1:15 p.m. - this meant no lunch... cuz with getting stuff at home organised and then getting self ready and then heading to movie theatre... there was no time. We bought cold pastries from a grocery (cheese croissant for me, sausage roll for him)... they were cold. We bought popcorn to eat during movie. All foodstuffs were eaten about a half hour into movie watching. It was a long movie (210 minutes for the IMAX version). I was starving at the end. 

I really like food. I've blogged about it a lot here, even going so far as to list some of my favourites. There's more to be added to that list as I keep finding dishes that I love. The issue I have with food is that when I get hungry... I get *hungry*... full on headache, nausea, general weakness. I can be very scary when hungry (or so I've been told).

After a long movie and no lunch you can imagine that I was ready to eat... anything. The world maybe. Food. Grr. Except that we'd gone with cute guy's friends... and they take forever to make up their minds (this is actually not much different from my own girl people). What is it with people not being able to decide where/when to eat? Meh.

I was grumpy with the cute guy when I really shouldn't have been. I should have eaten before, especially since I know just how bad it can get. I should have remembered that my girl people like ole talking and often have a hard time figuring out where to go. I should have just said I really wasn't up for waiting around and that food was needed as soon as possible. 

Instead, I got grumpy cuz the cute guy is not psychic. Though I do think he should have picked up on my grumpiness... Hmm. 

I got food but that didn't end the overall feelings of grumpy irritability. 

Ah well.

Communication. I'm not so great at it. Still working on it. Need to take better care of myself and my relationships. 


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