Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In praise of mango, julie mango...

Got my first julie mango of the year this morning from my dad. Maybe I could have taken a photo but... I was too busy savouring it. 

Mangoes are truly one of the best fruits around. They usually come into season from June to December but with the weather changes and such we're starting to get them earlier. If we get them at all. A few years back (two? three?) there wasn't much of a mango season due to the weather. This is why we should work to prevent climate change.  

I need my mangoes. Especially julie mangoes... delicious and juicy and fabulous. 

I remember when I was in Massachusetts in 2009there would sometimes  be mangoes in the fruit buffet. Mangoes in America are not like mangoes in Trinidad. There's only one type that I've found... it's small and not as juicy and all I have to say is: I'm sorry*. You all need to experience the many different mangoes we have here. It will change your life. 

Last year I went to the 2012 Mango Festival... Might try to go again this year (it's supposed to be held in June I think). Major features of the festival include a mango market, sale of different products made from mango (last year I got Mango Chutney soap!) and grafting demonstrations (the best tasting mangoes come from trees that are grafted... not trees that are grown from seeds). 

Hopefully there are many more mangoes in my future and maybe in yours. 


*I'd be willing to trade some mangoes for some berries though... mmmmm. Lol. 

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