Thursday, May 30, 2013

Long weekend ahead.

Today is both Corpus Christi and Indian Arrival Day... these are public holidays in Trinidad and Tobago so we've got both Thursday and Friday off. 

I've got two limes to attend - one at midday and one later in the evening. The first is with members of the Ashram's Youth Group. They've invited my brother and me to a pizza lime... in celebration of our birthdays and I think also to just hang out with us and make sure we're doing okay. 

This evening the cute guy's cousins are having a lime... I'm invited. I'm... nervous? He's met a lot of my family and is fabulous and gets along well and such... I haven't had that much interaction with his. Um. 

I'm sure all will be well. 

Long day ahead but time spent in the company of friends and family (even if it's not my family) can only be a good thing.

Happy Thursday all!


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