Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend... Day 1.

The thing about mother's day weekend is that my mom is no longer physically with us. I was somewhat dreading this weekend... but... it's been surprisingly light-hearted. Only happy thoughts and fond memories this weekend. Good times. 

I spent the morning cleaning out new car... New car is awesome! Must carry it to get blessed... must wash outside... but yay! New car!

Our family was taken out to lunch by my mom's girl people. I suspect they're taking care of us in the same way that they would my mom. Or that they think my mom would. It was a really nice thing to do. 

It occurs to me that I may have such strong bonds with my own girl people because of my mom's closeness with hers. Girl people - they're necessary to remain sane/have fun/grow. 

We went to the Lakshmi Narayan Temple which has an on-site vegetarian restaurant. Food was good (paneer! I love paneer!) and the conversation was as well (though there was some doctor and teacher bashing... justified I think - but it does make me wonder about the future of our country). My brother and I got birthday wishes... his birthday is just over a week away. We toured the temple grounds and I took a photo or few. 

View from the temple...
It was the kind of day where you'd lift your face to the sun and breathe deeply of the fresh air. 

After we got back my dad and I got a ride to Mayaro with my cousin. Could have gone by ourselves but there was heavy furniture that needed to be moved so cousin's pickup and muscles were made use of. My brother did not go. I am somewhat annoyed with my brother this weekend as he has not done much to help out in the house at all this week even though he's at home. He says he's not a housewife... newsflash: my dad and I aren't housewives either.  We just all live in the same space and try to make it work. Apparently an understanding of living in community and how one can help out is something my brother does not have... although I think that he thinks that he does. I'm not sure how this is going to go. I do not want to grump about my brother in my happy blog post. 

Generally good day... some sayings (Trini-isms?) I heard/learnt today:
  1. one must not give someone pepper in their hand... must put it down on table/counter and let them pick it up... otherwise there'll be disagreements.
  2. when planting coconut trees you must sit down... this ensures that the tree doesn't grow unmanageably tall. 
  3. when planting cassava you must keep a bit of sugar in your mouth... this ensures that the cassava is sweet and not bitter.
Happy Saturday all!


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