Friday, May 24, 2013


Alternative title of post: 'what will they think of next?!'

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What is it? The world's first fully-automatic roti-making appliance. Designed by Zimplistic, a Singaporean start-up, it's being unveiled this July. The inventors say that their market is mainly South Asian and Indian expats living abroad. I think they'll find that they have a much larger market than they initially thought. 

Roti is one of the staples here in Trinidad and Tobago. There are lists of 'best picks' and 'best roti shops'. There are YouTube videos: 

I love how the guy had to get his mom to help make it. I learnt how to make roti from the Naparima Girls' Cookbook. My dad gave me this cookbook in 2000 and the first recipe I tried was the sada roti recipe... it comes out perfectly every time. 

Now there's going to be an appliance that can make sada roti/chapatis... It's amazing. I'm going to be even more impressed if they expand their product line to include something that can fill rotis with dhal or aloo... but right now I'm pretty impressed. 

Technology ftw!


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