Friday, June 28, 2013

Mini memory of my mom

I realise that the smallest things can bring up memories. Kes the Band is playing tonight at the B.B. King Blues Club and Grill. People might think I know this because I follow Kes the Band (they're a major group here in Trinidad and Tobago) but no, I am aware of this fact because I'm on B.B. King's mailing list. 

In 2010, my parents and I went to New Jersey because my brother was graduating (with honours and etc!). My dad and brother came home soon after but mom and I went adventuring - New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York. Adventure! It was a special time for both of us - I think perhaps she knew it would be her last major bit of travelling, she'd been unwell due to cancer treatments and had pulled through to be able to go to my brother's graduation and then I think to spend time with me. I miss having her to talk to. 

On the day before we came back to Trinidad I took her to brunch at B.B. King where we were entertained by Strawberry Fields (a Beatles tribute band). It was fairly awesome - I posted about it previously when blogging about that trip. I remember her singing along to the songs and that we were both a bit too shy to get up and dance (nobody was dancing!). I remember the taste of the macaroni and cheese and how she couldn't decide on which dessert to have (we ended up taking a bit of everything we could). 

Memories surface as they will. Am thinking about my mom tonight.


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