Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Perhaps I can go into agriculture?

Tired tonight, but, not the weariness of too much thinking or frustration. I've been in Mayaro with dad working on the project house. Puttying today - yay! The house is definitely beginning to look somewhat finished.

On our way to Mayaro this morning, we stopped in at the Rio Claro agricultural demonstration centre to say hello to one of my dad's past students. We got a tour of the demo centre, a brief explanation of what is done there. It's a rolling expanse of land planted with various fruit trees so that visitors can see the different fruits Trinidad and Tobago has to offer. There's a rabbitry where rabbits are raised and where new farmers are taught about rearing rabbits. There are pens for sheep, goat, chickens and ducks. There's a slaughterhouse. There's a hydroponic nursery. There are classes taught about landscaping, animal and produce rearing, agribusiness and processing. 

It's all very impressive. 

Maybe I can go into agriculture? I can't see myself rearing animals for food - being a vegetarian all my life has meant not much interaction with meat and the preparation of such. As I've told the cute guy, if it were a matter of survival, I could eat anything - even meat. It would have to be a matter of survival though. 

I could grow plants maybe? I don't exactly have a green thumb - this has been a source of much grumpiness for me. My dad does though... maybe I can convince him to grow plants? I'm not sure.

It's all very interesting though.

Agriculture is one of the mainstays of human life I think. A population should be able to feed itself in order to sustain itself. There are a lot of opportunities in this field - perhaps I'll explore some of them.


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