Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been very much in my head yesterday and today; thinking, processing, figuring out where I stand on some things, what I believe in, what I want to do and where I want to go. I'm not sure that I'm getting anywhere but sometimes I realise that for me to be happy with myself, I need to take the time to stop and think about stuff. 

Sometimes I think about past choices -  if I had chosen different subjects in secondary school, what would I be doing now? How would life be different? Is it possible to switch to that path?

Sometimes I think about future choices - what do I make of where I am now? Where can my current skills take me?

Sometimes I think about my relationships - why do I feel so responsible for the brother? Why is it so hard to step away from family and let them make their own choices?

Sometimes I think that I'm thinking too much and when that happens I try to let go, sink into a book or listen to the radio or play with the Cat or Dog. 

This evening I found myself listening to the radio. It's been overcast and rainy, perfect weather for snuggling in bed with a book but, I couldn't settle so I turned on the radio instead. 

Jewel is awesome. Her voice can wrap around you and take you to places you may be unable to reach by yourself. She's helped me process today. 


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