Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super moon in the sky...

I've been all day with my dad working on his project house. There are photos I could show you... but I look all sweaty, covered in sawdust and varnish - it's not a pretty sight. The house is getting there though. There's something immensely satisfying about doing things with your hands. Building things that will last for years to come. I told my dad that I'm going to tell everyone that visits the house that I sanded, sealed and varnished it all. He said if I wanted to I could tell everyone I built it all. 

I'm tired and achy and around seven p.m. I found myself moving quite slowly whilst varnishing the last set of shelves. My dad said to lean towards the window - that there'd be a sight that would more than make up for the early morning and the long day of labouring. I looked out the window and saw a red moon. 

There's a super moon in the sky this weekend. We missed the moonrise, which would have been something as we'd have seen the moon rising out of the ocean, but we didn't miss it by much. I wish I had my camera. Maybe next time I'll plan to take some photos... I'm glad that others did though.

Cape Sounion some 60 km east of Athens June 22, 2013. (Reuters / Yannis Behrakis)

Take some time to check out your sky... there's bound to be something beautiful. 


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