Monday, October 7, 2013

Leap of faith...

"Faith is an act of rational choice, which determines us to act as if certain things were true, and in the confident expectation that they will prove to be true." ~Dean Inge

The day before my last day at my current workplace and it's finally caught up to me - the 'oh my Goddess what am I DOING?!', the questioning, the bit of sadness that is leaving a space where I've been for quite a number of years. I've been excited thus far, fairly certain in the knowledge that this is the right thing that I'm doing, but today, I found myself wondering.

Then this popped up on my Instagram feed:

How do we even know when we're ready to take that further step in our path? I'm not waiting... just going with what feels right for the moment and trusting that all will be well. 

My dad asked me how I was feeling about tomorrow being my last day - told him I was perfectly fine until today. He thought about that and then said that although he was not sure it was the right decision and although I went ahead and resigned after he advised against it, it takes a lot of belly (I think this may be a Trini phrase... it takes a lot of... courage? guts? both would work here...) to decide that something isn't working for me and even more belly to do something about it. Whatever happens in the future there is the knowledge that, in this moment when I know that there needs to be a change, I am capable of making it.

All will be well.


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