Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things to do in Trinidad.

"I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun." ~Katherine Hepburn

It always ticks me off, just a little bit, when I hear people say that there's nothing to do in Trinidad (and Tobago). I've said before that I don't understand the 'boredom' any more and so in a similar fashion - I don't understand 'there's nothing to do'. There is always something to do. This weekend I had to remind myself that I can only do a certain number of things, that I can't be everywhere. 

I missed Comicfest yesterday, as well as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party event held on San Fernando Hill... I had a meeting with a guy then went to the opening of a new store, had lunch with my brother, went out to see Captain America with the cute guy. Today I attended the reopening of RCOTT's off road track...

...and then went to Runway Shift 2014 as the assistant to the cute guy (he was hired to do event coverage).

There's always something to do if you just open yourself up to experiences. There's lots to see and do here. Lots of festivals, lots of holidays, lots of people with different interests... and if you don't want to do anything... there's lots of places to just be. To relax and lime. To have fun in whatever way you please.


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