Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yoga in the Park tomorrow.

"May I have the courage to show up fully, to be of service to what wants to emerge." ~Kathia Laszlo  

I'm teaching yoga in Palmiste Park tomorrow morning and so I've been spending this evening/night working out my flow. What breathing exercises should I do? What postures will I teach? What will I say exactly?

There is no exactly. I'm not yet very comfortable teaching but it is getting better. So much easier to do my own flow without having to think about how to word it and the sequence of postures. I've never thought it would be easy and I'm right about that but it is getting easier. I think perhaps all I need is more practice. 

Teaching is in its own way a great reward. There's something very fulfilling about getting thoughts and ideas across. Knowing that in some small way one may be helping people to deal with something going on in their lives. Introducing people to a better way to breathe and start their day. 

I've got yoga in Palmiste Park tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it as it is such a beautiful space to breathe and move in. Hopefully those who come to class will find their own joy in the experience. Hopefully I can guide them into a joyous experience. 


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