Thursday, March 31, 2016

Starting again (and again... and again).

"Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping." ~ Julia Margaret Cameron

I took a look back at 2015 and realised there were just two posts. This makes me sad - that I didn't take the time to write and record what was going on, that I wrote about starting back writing and I didn't and, that now I don't have the words to look back on from all the little moments. Ah well. I start again.

It's the last day of March and, as is usual for this time of year, I am contemplative. Reflecting on how the past year has been and preparing for my upcoming birthday and the new year to follow. A bit of recapping of 2015 is called for as I did not write at the time. There were miserable moments and happy moments - all learning experiences. 

In February 2015 we got robbed. The cute guy and I were out adventuring - cocoa night at Mariposa Gardens which was awesome and delicious and beautiful - and then we got robbed on our return to our car. Note to self: when parking in the daytime try to figure out what the place will look like when it's dark. It was our first experience being robbed and really not as bad as it could have been. We were healthy and whole and eventually (after a week or two) our things were returned to us. It does make me wonder about our society and our police force - I'm sure people knew who was responsible but no one was actually held. I wonder if people don't usually report that they've been robbed and so incidences like that just fade away. A year later and our crime situation is much more worse than it was. 

Also in February 2015 my parent got mad and told me to leave the house. I did (for a few days) - I don't think he expected that I'd actually go anywhere. Since my mom's passing we've all been working on how to relate to each other (consciously and unconsciously). It's a work-in-progress as, I think, life is. The more I work on myself - on figuring out what emotions I hold and hide, the judgements I make of myself and others, the thoughts that come and go - the more my relationships and my ability to relate to others have improved.

For my birthday last year the cute guy and I took four days off and went to Tobago. Such beauty in our country! Had birthday dinner at Table for Two and then got cake from my friend Herschel (we stayed by her)! We visited the Tobago Cocoa Estate and the Orange Hill Goat Dairy Farm. We drove all over the island! We ate lots of food! We checked out the pool and the bay at the Bacolet Beach Club! I think we all need time away from our everyday life both to appreciate what else is out there and, on our return, to appreciate what we already have. 

We were in Tobago again at year end - shooting a wedding on Old Year's Night. Have I ever mentioned that the cute guy is a photographer? He's an awesome one and I've started shooting alongside. No pressure on me as he takes all the shots that need to be taken and I get to experiment and work on improving my photo-taking skills. I think I see how there are lots of couples in the photography business. I've also learnt over the past year that I like culling photos - something he doesn't like (or takes forever to do) - so this works out well for us. 

The rest of the year, all of the days in-between, has been spent on yoga and running a yoga business. I have been thinking of writing a book: the yoga of running a yoga business. For me it's been about building a community - I find it hard to charge people for things I would willingly share. This is where the difficulty of business lies - must charge to be able to share. It is very fulfilling to be able to share and through working with others I've been working on myself. Growth. It's happening. 

Tomorrow is the first of April - I'll start writing about 2016 then :) It's been fabulous thus far! Hope yours is as well.


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