Thursday, March 29, 2012


"Stretching can apply to so many different areas of our lives. Not only should we literally stretch our bodies so that things are less likely to snap off, we should also stretch our minds." ~Ellen DeGeneres

Was walking by the bookstore yesterday and saw this sign: 

Of course I had planned to go into the bookstore before I saw the sign... as long as I'm near a bookstore I will try to visit. This sign though? Temptation. I tried to resist but... Sale. On books. Oy... I even tweeted about the temptation that is a book sale and got the following tweet in response: 

"girl! You don't pass a book sale straight! WTH. GO IN NOW. BUY BOOKS!"
I had to buy books. Because I love books... and they were on sale! These four came home with me: 

  1. When a Girl Is Born - I read it last night... it's extremely interesting and makes me want to research China's history and makes me think of women and our place in the world.
  2. Seriously...I'm Kidding - Started reading this today... I love Ellen... She has such a similar worldview I think... reading her book is somewhat like exploring my own mind (though in a funnier, more relaxed way). 
  3. The Witch of Portobello: A Novel (P.S.) - Paulo Coelho's writing is interesting. This one is one I've wanted to read since reading Brida: A Novel (P.S.)...
  4. The Chalice Project (Island Young Adult Fiction) - picked this up mostly because of the cover art... but was then intrigued by the fact that it's written by a local: Lisa Allen-Agostini (I've not read much local work apart from those books that were on the reading lists at school - shame on me)... am looking forward to finding out what it's about. 
I believe I've said before just how much I love reading. Books are my way of stretching my mind... opening myself up to different thoughts and ideas and perspectives. I also find it fun. 

How do you stretch your mind? Books? Movies? Discussions? Music? Do you need input? Or do you sink into yourself? Stretch through some sort of creative endeavour? 

Stretching is important.



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