Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thoughts on a Tuesday...

"Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive - the risk to be alive and express what we really are." ~ Miguel Ángel Ruiz

Thoughts about family and life and myself... 

I think we're different from a lot of families out there - but then each individual is unique so I guess it would hold that each family unit is unique. 

I've had very few times in which I was annoyed/mad/pissed off with my sibling - earlier today I experienced such a time. We disagree on how best to handle the mother ... the parents really. I don't think if he were in her position that he'd appreciate someone yelling at him. 

I don't see that yelling is particularly necessary to getting one's point across... though I do understand and have had my own moments where one feels that the only way to get someone to listen is to speak louder. The male parent has never really quarreled, at least in his eyes, because he never raises his voice. A quarrel can take many different forms.

I'm not sure that the male parent knows what he's doing with his life... this startles me somewhat... I've always thought that he knows exactly what is happening and why and when stuff must be done. 

Sometimes I feel sorry for both parents and I think that perhaps I don't try hard enough (and perhaps everyone doesn't try hard enough) to spend time understanding parents. 

Sometimes I feel as though I'm the parent.

I think women don't get enough credit for all the things that we do. I think that some of the things we do would not even occur to men as stuff that needs to be done. 

Blood is very red. Sometimes, each month, I wonder if there will come a day when I won't stop bleeding. Blood does not make me squeamish ... I don't see how any girl can be really...

Blood is thicker than... ?


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