Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family Matters..

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.~Anthony Brandt 

I talk and write a lot about my family ... I guess cuz they're the most important [and most often] interactions I have on a day-to-day basis ... We're a really great bunch of people ... individually and together ... people generally like [love] us and we are pretty amazing... and I'm actually being modest here... lol 

Had a 'family meeting' Thursday night... sorta in relation to the drama (drama? is there drama? nah...) anticipated in this post. We're still all getting used to being in the same place at the same time... and recognising that we're all older... changes in thinking... changes in behaviour... adjustments needed all around. It went well I think.. in that there weren't [much] tears or raised voices (quarrel? we don't 'quarrel'.. we 'discuss')... minor grumpiness on some parts... general feelings of 'whew! I'm glad I got that out'.. so overall good meeting. I wonder sometimes how it is with other families... What do ppl talk about? think about? do? I wonder sometimes if I have to (do I want to???) start my own family how that will turn out... Am content to just be for now.

Today I got up at an unreasonable (to me anyway) hour for a Saturday (5 am ... *sigh*)... My dad and I went out on a mini-photo-take-outing-adventure... Good times... Though there were no birds or far away birds... mosquitoes bigger than I've seen [ever] and questions about how safe it was to be out by ourselves... There were however blue crabs, jumping dogs, machinery, skinny roads and a rainbow. I must find a way to link my Flickr account with this blog. I must upload pics to my Flickr account... ergh.. lol...

I also went with my mum to drop off stuff at the Cancer Society - they're holding a fund raising type event on July 4th... we're contributing. She drove. It's safer [much less stressful] for both of us that way... We visited the Botanical Gardens - cuz we could barely remember what it looked like - we've been to gardens in Canada, New Jersey and the Berkshires... we should know what T&T's looks like... we got lost [a lil bit only] in Port-of-Spain... we just lime... 

Tomorrow (today? what time is it?) is Father's Day... my brother is making egg-less cake and ice cream... I'm cooking dhal and .. whatever else ... we'll probably watch a movie... ole talk... take some pics... It's just comfortable right now to be here... there'll be squabbles and vexations (hopefully not much tomorrow) but overall there is contentment... support... love.

Happy Father's Day tomorrow people... celebrate not just fathers but family... whether they be family through blood or through ties of friendship - celebrate :)


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