Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vacation...Day 2.

Vacation Day 2... I think I'll be doing free writing for the rest of this vacation. Five minutes of writing each day. It's something I can do.

Sometimes though it's just easier to do things without planning... that's what today has taught me. Things don't always go according to plan, perhaps sometimes it's just better not to have a plan. It's unfortunate that I like planning (lack of career planning aside) what I want to do. Day by day I think it's best to know what one is going to do for the day. 

That hasn't really been working out for me though. I really need to just let go and go with the flow. What will be, will be.

The mother isn't feeling so fabulous... so, instead of a day of pampering, today turned into a day of cleaning. I guess it's a different kind of pampering? We do not have pretty nails but my mom now has a squeaky clean bedside table and dresser. 

I've learnt that whatever hoarding vibes I have came from my mother. Weird reversal of roles today. I have memories of her cleaning my room and me complaining about her throwing out stuff... today I was cleaning her room and she was complaining about me throwing out stuff :s Ergh?

Tonight the cute guy and I are invited to a Christmas... thing? Shoeaholic's mom's workplace is having an event and invited us. Then we're going to a tweetup at a sushi place. Yay. 

Plans... some change, some stay the same (hopefully). 


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