Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rotation Curation

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." ~Rudyard Kipling 

Had a bit of a ... fangirl (best term I can come up with) moment yesterday because Yvonne of Salisbury tweeted me. Yvonne is the current curator of the People of UK twitter account and she tweeted in response to my good morning world tweet. I don't even know/remember when the People of UK account started following me but... it's fairly exciting to be tweeted from half way across the world by someone I don't-really-know-but-kinda-know because she's been sharing bits of her life via tweets for the past week. 

The People of the UK account is part of the Rotation Curation Movement currently happening on Twitter. This movement is where there's one account but the person tweeting behind it is rotated (usually after a week). It is all much better explained and there's a list of all the the countries/cities/groups that are currently involved on the Rotation Curation website. 

I was one of the early followers - first following @Sweden (founder of the movement... more info on their site: Curators of Sweden) then @WeAreAustralia (site: We Are Australia) and then as many others as have come along. 

It is interesting... insightful as it allows one to experience the different countries/places from the viewpoints of ordinary citizens. It's brilliant for those of us that would want to visit and need to find out more of the various places. It's educational in that each curator has their own experiences of where they are and what they do to tweet about. 

I can only see more persons and places getting involved ... and wouldn't it be something if Trinidad and Tobago or even the Caribbean came together and did something like this? Something to think about for the moment. 

Happy Sunday all.


Edited to include:
New York Times article on the Many Voices of Sweden, via Twitter

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