Friday, April 1, 2016

Things I'll be writing about this month:

"The intuitive mind will tell the thinking mind where to look next." ~Jonas Salk

It's the first of April and I'm going to try very hard to write each day. Every day. A post a day! What will I be writing on? Anything that strikes my fancy. This will include:

  1. OMG the cute guy and I got engaged! Now we have to get married! And all the drama that happens when planning trying to plan a reception whether you want to have a reception or not. 
  2. #100HappyDays - I'm participating in the 100 happy days challenge with a group of friends and also people I don't know. I realise today that this will be deeper and more involved than I expected as I had to google what "happy" meant before deciding on my first post.
  3. Death, dying and my thoughts - Sunday 3rd will be 3 years since my mom's passing. We're having a free session at the studio talking about the yogic view of death and have invited someone to talk about palliative care. Death is so much a part of life that I think society needs to think about and talk about it more.
  4. Yoga and being a business person. Do they go hand-in-hand? As much as any other occupation I suppose.
  5. My CatChile & my parent - they are the two males I currently live with and thus I have many stories about the two.
  6. Random other things I think up. 
For now, bedtime. We have an early class in the morning.

Night all!


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