Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How short is *too short*?

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly." ~Epictetus

I'm talking skirt lengths today. Why? Because there's been a lot of debate amongst some of my guy friends and girl friends. In my opinion, it depends on a lot of factors ranging from the wearer's height/body type to the event/circumstance and research has shown that a lot of people think so as well. I like them at all lengths... it's about choosing what's best for the occasion that makes you feel fabulous.

Harper's Bazaar and eHow both have age appropriate guidelines for one's hemline along with various other articles about style, fit and what's in at the moment. For a quick reference then:
  • Teens: Can get away with denim, unstructured miniskirt, but please watch the shortness of the skirt.
  • 20's: You are old enough to take the mini to the extreme look for skirts with style and flair; don't just stick with the denim because you can.
  • 30's: Look for a skirt with structure, such as an A-line mini or one of the new high waisted styles.
  • 40's: Drop the length of the skirt to below mid-thigh.
  • 50's: Go for skirts that are a bit more conservative and career like. The skirt should probably only be a few inches above the knee.
I'd just like to point out that I'm in my 20's. I can absolutely wear skirts with style and flair... lol...

There are other considerations of course. This site provides tests by which one can determine the most appropriate hemline. I have two main tests - one test which - now that I've checked out other sites - I realise is fairly common. Simply, if I'm standing and my arms are flat at my side then my shortest skirt will be maybe an inch above my middle finger. A comfortable length for me? An inch below my middle finger. The other test? If my dad makes no comment - my dad's a guy right? If he doesn't have a problem then really it should be fine.

Another aspect of our discussion about skirt lengths touches on that last sentence. Do guys think you're easy if you wear a short skirt? Do I think guys are easy when they're topless or wearing shorts or whatever? I wear short skirts. If my skirt is short then my top half is covered appropriately (and vice versa - if I'm showing cleavage etc then my bottom half is covered appropriately). My skirts cover all my essential bits such that I can sit, stand and bend over without anyone getting an eyeful (or even a glimpse of an eyeful). Not my fault if I've got great legs and want to wear a skirt that show them off guys... if you're thinking I'm easy then your mind is dutty. It annoys me a bit that girls get judged on what we wear. I admit that there are girls that go to the extreme (and probably are easy) but the vast majority? Just happy in the clothes we wear and the feeling that we look fabulous.

What do you think?
Edited (March 17th) to add:
I've gotten some feedback on this post so thought I'd stick in a comment or two here:
  • apparently the writer of this post (moi) is biased (towards short skirt lengths)... so says one of the guys referred to in the 1st paragraph... MEH. My blog - My opinion. If you'd like to leave your comment on any matter here feel free to voice your own opinion in the comments section.
  • forgot to include one test used by this same group of persons - if a girl sits in a chair (without legs crossed) and can raise her arms without the world seeing France (or any underpants) then the skirt is judged to be sufficiently long enough... am not sure how common this test is though :)

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