Friday, March 18, 2011

Memory keepers...

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us."  ~Oscar Wilde

I broke my mom's earring this morning. I feel most guilty though it was totally by accident. She lent it to me because it matches the shirt I'd chosen to wear to work today. Did I mention I feel guilty? Ergh. It slipped out of my hand, fell to the floor and broke cleanly in half (it's made of pottery). You know how people talk about time stopping and starting back? That's what it was like... ergh. I picked it up and looked at it then looked up at my brother as he came into the room ... and we both stared at it - frozen in an 'oh no - how do we fix this?' moment... then he started laughing hysterically because my mom came into the room at that time (no time to fix/hide anything - in moments of crisis we sometimes fall back on hysterical laughter) ergh. I'm *really* sorry mom.

Why so much fuss about an earring? For one, it's jewellery (yes... jewellery - I speak [and therefore write] British English not American English)... For another, my mom and I collect earrings from places that we visit. It's a tangible reminder of a special moment/place. This particular earring was from the Hoadley Gallery in Lenox... she bought it in 2009 while she was with me in Massachusetts. *Sigh*

I should let this go... breathe out and let go of guilty feelings because it was an accident. Am sure mom is not fixated on the fact that I broke her earring (I hope? maybe? I'm sorry mom!). Ergh.

On a totally un-related note... every time I hear/think about the word 'memory' I always continue it with 'all alone in the moonlight...' - which is of course the result of another memory of a moment in time (way back in Primary School our teacher taught us this song... am thinking now that she really thought a lot of us if she expected us to carry out this song well...). In case you don't know the song Memory from the musical Cats, this is it:

Hope you all have a happy Friday... go out and make some memories ;)



Rachel Rampersad said...

The funny thing is that your mom reads this blog lol

Unknown said...

Yes.. now she knows how it happened.. *cringe*

Lol... *sigh*