Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day 2011...

"Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water." ~ Albert von Szent-Györgyi de Nagyrápolt

It's World Water Day today - a day that has been celebrated annually since 1993. This year's theme focuses on  Water for Cities – responding to the urban challenge. The objective of this year's Water Day is to focus attention on the impact of rapid urban population growth, industrialization and uncertainties caused by climate change, conflicts and nautral disasters on urban water systems.  If you'd like to know how it's being celebrated in the Caribbean, I found this post on a really good blog site about sustainable development in the Caribbean.

What will you do today to celebrate/participate? I admit to taking a very abbreviated version of my regular shower today - though that was mostly because I didn't sleep well and then woke up so late that speed was definitely needed in order to reach to work on time. In fact, I wouldn't have known it was World Water Day (shame on me?) if I hadn't heard it on the news this morning - unless an event/important day is clearly marked out on a calendar the chances of me remembering that it's a recurring event is pretty slim. Is there a calendar available with days like this marked off? Hmm.

Water is an important element and worldwide there's currently a crisis... What can you do? Be aware. Educate yourself. Be present when performing tasks where water is involved.

Something else I found that appeals to me (and so maybe to you)...
~ Water teaches ebb and flow, changing pace according to the type of water flowing. Sometimes water is calm and clear and other times it is wild and rushing, or any other possible kind of flow in-between. For greater creation capacity, learn to go with the flow and surrender into the current pace.

~ Water is a highly programmable element that magnetizes to it the same vibration it holds. Pay attention to what you are drawing into your life and adjust your water’s program where needed.

~ Water is the only element you can see yourself in. Use water’s capacity to mirror your feelings and beliefs back to you by noticing what you are experiencing and clearing what is no longer needed.

~ You wash your body, clothes, dishes, and home with water. It is the element you clean with externally and internally. When old emotional energy gets held in the body it often needs water to help it to clear and move. Tears are one way water clears and cleans energy, so watch a movie that helps you cry or schedule a clearing session when old emotional energy needs to move or when you feel blocked.

It's a reminder to me that we should not just focus on the physical. Wishing you a happy world water day 2011!


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