Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flowers make me happy.

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today." ~Swedish Proverb

I haven't blogged in a bit and that's because I usually don't on weekends... and work has me crazy-busy-tired. I have any number of topics to write (complain) about... ranging from how some people apparently don't need clean air to breathe or room to move around... to the rainy weather that we have all day (but not all night)... to the misconception that women need to douche... to how some people can be annoying - without even trying/meaning to.

I'll write about happy stuff though... cuz otherwise I'd be depressed/grumpy/ready-to-turn-psycho. The world does not need that kind of drama. So...

I've started a flower garden. :D Please pray for me (and my flowers-to-be)... or if you're not into praying please send happy (growing) thoughts my way.

If you've read my 'about me' page (if you haven't that's fine) then you'll know that plants tend to die when I try to grow them... or get eaten... I had a pink rosebush when I was younger that made it to two years old before being eaten by ants.. or something. I usually satisfy my need for pretty growing things by taking photos... or looking at photos... or visiting gardens. I've been feeling the urge to grow stuff though... to get out into the green and plant. It's against my nature (dirt, soil, bugs.. ick) and yet apparently Taurus people are supposed to be natural gardeners. I guess sometimes we all need to be in nature and just grow or help stuff to grow...

This is my new garden:

Soon-to-be flowering! Yay!
It's smack in the middle... ok, not exactly the middle... of our lawn. It's an accomplishment on our part (my mom and I) cuz for YEARS my dad just wanted lawn... which is fine except when you have to cut/rake/sweep/carry. Also, lawn grass does not really come in colours other than green (as far as I know). I like colours... We now have some fruit trees... and my flower garden. I still have to find something to put in that empty section there.

So there. Soon I shall have flowers of my own... in colours of yellow, orange, red-ish orange, pink, purple and white. Yay me!


Edited to add:
Pics of flowers.. taken with my phone.. lol...

Not sure what's the name.. Got a white, a pink and a purple though...


Jerome said...

Nice garden! Love your enthusiasm about it too.
Are those zinnias in the upper right corner? If ur looking for something to put in that empty space how abt some sunflowers?

Unknown said...


They're marigolds..(I can't find anyone to give me zinnia seeds!).. um.. the double headed version. Will put up pics on flickr but in the meantime am editing post so you'll see them :)

I thought of sunflowers but too tall for that spot of yard.. Want something that's knee-height..

Any recommendations?

Anonymous said...


Ground orchids, easter lilies.

I have zinnas and bachelor buttons..

Unknown said...

I don't know what pentas are... :s or what they look like...

I didn't know there were ground orchids.. lol - we have one growing on our mango tree... never really seen any ground ones..

We've got two easter lilies planted in a separate plot thing... Pretty but I want something that flowers a lot.. my mom's suggesting hibiscus.

Would you be willing to send me some zinnia seeds?

Anonymous said...

that could be arranged. yes.