Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Check-ups and checking in...

"We're all stumbling toward the light with varying degrees of grace at any given moment." ~Bo Lozoff

Thought that today would be a good day to start back writing... it's a Tuesday after all... last day I wrote was a Monday... a week has passed.

I would like to say that I took a period of me-time... avoidance of the Internet and all major distractions. I didn't though - apparently the Universe (or my Internet Service Provider) thought that my family could use the off-line time. Positive = We're getting a refund. Negative = We are disconnected from the world! We've been going kinda crazy... every person in my house uses the Internet for some reason or other.

I'm back out to work though... so...  sneaking in this post whilst I can.

Had to visit my doctor this morning... am now on antibiotics. Meh. Nothing major ... at least hopefully it won't develop into anything major. I'm really not a fan of doctor's visits. Send me healing vibes world... positive thoughts and healing vibes...

A snapshot of things I've done whilst offline: hung out with the family (idk if they'd agree that's what I did), hung out with the cute guy (who just keeps getting cuter... oy), cut my hair... trimmed really - I'm so bad at maintaining the hair in any kind of way (was told that if I want bangs I *must* return in 3 weeks), saw The Avengers (one word: AWESOME!), got slept on by the Cat and postponed stuff I wanted to do but just wasn't feeling up to doing. 

Just being with myself for the moment. 

Something that has made me thoughtful today: article on 'a life in exile bliss' - the title was fairly attention-grabbing.. further, this blog post: 'Who Could Hire Me' is definitely an interesting read.



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