Friday, January 4, 2013


I admit to having a bit of a mini-meltdown earlier brought on by the fact that Whatsapp no longer runs on my iPhone 3G.

How will I talk to people? What will I do? *wail* *sob* *weep*

I am not pleased that my (almost) perfectly maintained phone can no longer run the apps that I want it to run. I bought the phone in early 2010 - I'm not one to switch phones for the newest, most fabulous phone that's out there - I was fully expecting to be able to use my phone till it started falling apart. 

Alas, now I have to get a new one because otherwise... what will I do? 

I can't remember what I did before I had a phone that could connect me instantly to people and the Internet... Perhaps I was more rested? Perhaps I talked to persons more in person? Perhaps I did other things besides constantly scroll through my Twitter timeline?

Perhaps this may turn out to be a good thing?

I'm going to get a new phone (and most likely not an iPhone)... I'm not sure when exactly (sometime when there's a sale most likely) but, I'm not gonna stress too much about it.



Lizelle said...

Omgt this!
I have the 3GS and I responded much the same! But, then I decided I still love my phone so I got over it and decided if they WANTme, they will reach me :p

Unknown said...

*sigh* I'm still getting over it. Am annoyed that Apple is essentially making me upgrade. Phone works fine... but is now on par with any other phone that can call/text.

Thanks for commenting :)