Saturday, January 5, 2013

Van Heusen 15 1/2

I ironed 15 shirts for my dad today cuz he returns to work on Monday. I envy those that got these first few days of the year off. Ah well. 

Van Heusen 15 1/2... once upon a time he wore 14 1/2... as I was ironing today it occurred to me that it would be the last time I'd have to do any major bulk ironing for him as he's retiring this month. He won't really need that many shirts available at any particular time. My brother joked that he'd be able to borrow shirts regularly... I could borrow shirts too! There was a time when I used to wear my dad's older shirts - there are few things as comfortable as a somewhat worn Van Heusen shirt. 

My dad is retiring this month. How has time passed so quickly? How did we get to be the age we are? What will he do now? My dad has the potential to drive us crazy if he is home for long periods of time. He has never quite 'fit' with my mom and brother and I. I'm not sure if it's because he just moves to his own beat or because he hasn't spent as much time with us as my mom has. 

I love my dad. I've been told that I'm very like him... I do not see whatever it is that other people see that make them think so. It's a somewhat complicated relationship where I admire and am entertained by him... and where I'm very frustrated and annoyed and vexed by him. 

He's tried his best to teach us how to be adults. Responsible adults. The sad thing is that whenever he's around I feel like a pre-teen. How is it that I can be mature and handle all sorts of drama and responsibilities yet when my dad's around I turn into an 11 year old? Meh. 

I'm somewhat anxious about him retiring. We're all entering different phases of life. It's strange for all of us I think... I think perhaps that because we (my brother and I) haven't left home/moved out our parents still think of us as children - whilst we are their children... we're also adults. We're still figuring out how to deal with each other. 

It's just a weird space right now. Any advice world?


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