Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something random.

In any day there are a number of things I could possibly talk/blog about. Today I thought about blogging on issues about race - there's an election happening soon in my country... it seems that race is a topic that comes up around such times. I find it particularly ridiculous since I'm not sure that the majority of persons in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) can claim to be of any one race. It's a question of identity and self that people seem to have.

I thought about talking about management and mismanagement... it's one of the greatest ills I think - and I believe it affects all levels of our society. I see it everyday at home and at work and in all the drama happening in the country.

I considered blogging on shopping for food... grumpiness over  spending money aside, it's something I really enjoy. Stopped at the local market stall on my way home - fresh fruits and vegetables and kittens underfoot. 

I can't seem to focus on any one thing in particular though so I'll just post something random. Those dimples that some people have on their lower back? They're called the "Dimples of Venus". Now you know. 

Be enlightened...


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