Monday, January 9, 2012

Went to my first Tweetup...

"The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful." ~Jonathan Zittrain

I've been on Twitter since February 2009 but I've only really been on Twitter since last year... I'm not sure when. I'm not sure how I got back into using it either - found out some months ago that Shoeaholic (a.k.a. @racheltnt) had an account and suddenly we were both very active on the Twitter scene. I've written a bit about my thoughts on Twitter before... and Shoeaholic has as well.

I guess I should say that we went to our first tweetup last night. It was fairly awesome... much more fun and much less awkward than I thought it would be. I'd seen the tweets about it during the week - TriniLikeSalt (a Trini living in Boston) is here on vacation and persons decided that a tweetup was in order (to reconnect? lime? ole-talk? all of the above?). I'd been badgered about it by Marc (networking and connecting with fellow Trinis is a good thing he says). Paula told me she was attending and that she was travelling to get there (travelling! in the rainy-gloom that was this Sunday in Trinidad and Tobago! oy!). I told Shoeaholic we'd go but was really sleeping away the rainy afternoon till she showed up at my house and I had to scramble to put on clothes and make myself presentable. 

We went to our first tweetup. Got there half an hour later than we said we would (still early if you're going by Trini-time). Got our photos taken by TriniLikeSalt as part of his photography project - A Thousand Faces (was secretly excited - I think the project is awesome... that he's managed to reach that far? even more awesome... could I do that? Um...idk). Met new people - do they count as new if you've never met in person but have chatted online a gabillion times? Hmm... met people for the first time in person and also met new people that I've never spoken to/tweeted before. It was surprisingly easy to slip into conversations... a continuation of Twitter conversations - just in person and with much more raucous laughter. Good to know that people you think are pretty cool online are even more cool in person. 

There's also the factor that no people can lime like Trini people. We're fairly awesome. I recommend to the world at large that you find a Trini to lime with :)

Am fairly pleased with how this being-on-Twitter thing has been working out. Give it a try if you're up for it... or think you are... there are endless connections to be made, information to be sourced and definitely a lot of fun to be had. Yay Twitter! 


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