Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not going to work tomorrow.

"Re-examine all that you have been told. Dismiss that which insults your soul." ~Walt Whitman 

I called in sick today - whenever I enter my office building, and especially my department, it feels as though I can't breathe. Wasn't up to dealing with that today... especially as I woke up with my chest aching and a sore throat. I was thinking of going tomorrow and leaving early. My dad thinks I should just stay home - both to make a point and to rest/recover. It's a big deal when my dad says to stay home because he's the one that has always insisted on me going to school/work. 

I'm annoyed with my workplace. I'm annoyed with myself for staying at my workplace. Time for a new job definitely.

I'm not going to work tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Very good. This has been brewing for a while.

I tried the climbing wall number and left a message both times. No response.

Unknown said...

It has been. Am now in full job-hunting mode.

I've never called... I just drop in whenever I can. The experienced wall guys are there from 1 pm - 9 pm Monday to Friday.. not sure about weekends.