Monday, January 30, 2012


"If women ruled the world and we all got massages, there would be no war." ~Carrie Snow 

Sometimes I think that Carrie Snow is on to something. The world would be better if ruled by women... and if we all got massages (I'm currently in desperate need of a good massage *sigh*).

Spent the weekend with some fabulous women... my girl group on Saturday - there was a beach house birthday lime at Manzanilla... total driving time (there and back with stops for people, food, snacks and gas) = a little bit more than 5 hours. Car discussions included: makeup, guys, directions, sleep attire, breasts, food, work, music and relationships. We played on the beach... there was a lot of laughing and running around and wild, crazy beach hair. Sometimes I forget that I need to be around them to balance myself - am always reminded when we spend time together. 

Spent Sunday evening with my mom and her girl group (I think we're both lucky that we have such awesome girl groups!). It was far less giggly and far more introspective. Older, wiser women. Perhaps this is what we'll be like as we get older. 

Sometimes I wonder at the relationships that guys have... do they have the same level of comfort with their friends? Can they share as we do? Talk it out, work it out, hug it out, bitch it out. Do guys do that? And... if they don't... what do they do? How do they manage with all the drama that can be a regular life? 

Sometimes I get very bogged down with the world - today there was a meeting where things were hinted at but not said... I wish people would just grow up ... today someone took offence because I couldn't pull up a smile and bother with conversation (mostly because it was such a grump-inducing day). 

Days like today I'm very grateful for the females I know... and I definitely think that Carrie Snow is right  - there'd be no war if the world was ruled by women... and everyone got massages... and also, I think, if everyone got their favourite dessert...

give thanks for your nearest and dearest...



Lizelle said...

Well said!
i concur with every word :)

Unknown said...

Thank you :)