Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today, I...

"Each moment is a place you've never been." ~Mark Strand

...continued on my quest for Total Room Domination (translation - I'm trying to clean my room before my birthday). 

...thought to myself that it's hard to give enough time to everything that I'd like to give time to. Right now it's my parents. Hmm. slept on, kneaded and gnawed by the Cat. 

...went to a lime with my mom and brother - with my mom's girl people to discuss the current 40 days... and the messages and our take on them and... just general ole talk as well. 

...went for ice-cream/dessert with the brother and his girlfriend. Was joined by the cute guy... am somewhat curious to hear the brother's (and his gf's) thoughts on the cute guy.

...went to Palmiste Park with the cute guy... met up with another friend. Limed. Ole-talked. 

...came to the realisation that most of my days are fairly good days. 

Hope your days are good as well.


Edited to add: I got posted! Or I guess I should say, 'today my photo got posted!'... to TriniLikeSalt's 'A Thousand Faces' blog that I've mentioned here. It made me smile. 

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