Sunday, June 2, 2013

Man work?

Spent a bit of my evening sealing and sanding planks of wood that my dad will be using to build shelving and storage in his project house

It was fun. I like using paint brushes but I'm not particularly artistic so painting walls or sanding sealer on wood is perhaps the most fun I can have with them. I used a sander... I'm not sure if it was because it was my aunt's sander that it was just my size - most power tools aren't. This one was. More power tools should be me-sized. I'd probably get more involved in building/constructing stuff if they were.

It was the kind of work that my dad calls 'man work' - muscle work. Doing stuff with one's hands. I guess just because it's traditionally a man's job. 

I could absolutely do man work. I think maybe I'd like it much more than office work. While I was at Kripalu there was a week called 'shut-down week' - where the facility was shut down so maintenance and such could be done. It was one of my favourite weeks even though at the end of each day the only thing one wanted to do was shower and sleep. 

It may be something worth exploring. 


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