Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday...

I feel as though I've been on the move since I last posted... and yet I can't quite figure out what I've been doing. 

The Cat is on antibiotics - he's got an upper respiratory infection. We first realised something was wrong on Thursday morning; he's a very vocal cat - I talk to him, he talks to me. He was significantly less so and by the time I got home from work Thursday evening he couldn't meow. It was very disconcerting. You could see him meowing but no sound came out. The vet wasn't available till the next morning. I googled. Google is the answer for everything now. Took him to the vet Friday morning and he's been on antibiotics since. He seems to be improving but his voice is nowhere near where it's supposed to be just yet. 

My dad wanted me to go to the doctor on Friday... because I was also coming down with a throat infection and I felt flu-like. Did I get something from the Cat? From my workplace? There's always someone sick at my workplace. I've been doing Reiki on mysef, sucking on zinc lozenges and eating fruit, ginger, garlic, onion (not all at the same time) ... I will get over whatever this is. It seems to be working thus far. I do not want to have to take antibiotics. 

I spent some time with the cute guy. It is easy to just be in his company. We've been talking about future plans and work and what might happen in a post-apocalyptic world. 

I'm reading three books on the Kindle (I don't think I'm the only one that reads more than one book at a time):

They're all very interesting and as I'm typing this I think I'll open up one of those Amazon stores... link all these books I read. Maybe. I can guarantee you'll find something of interest. 

I've spent some of today going through my mom's books. It's still such a hard thing to do. Especially as I think that it shouldn't be... I miss her even though I know that in some way, shape or form she is still with me. 

Tomorrow is another day. 


edited to add: I've got an Amazon store! Filled with books (maybe not as full as I'd like it to be but I'll add more as I go along)! Links are in the post as well as on the tabs bar. 

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