Monday, May 6, 2013

Shopping-related grumbles...

Some days I know exactly what I want to blog about. Some days I just let whatever is in my head flow through to my fingers and out into a blogpost. Then there are some days where there are wisps of thoughts floating around and you try to grab *one* to put into a coherent post and realise that you have a handful of ideas that can all be tied up into one (hopefully). 

Today I have shopping-related grumbles. 

I have found a car that I'd like to buy. It's a local used.... has one owner, no accidents and excellent mileage. I want to buy it. Before I can buy it however, we must do a search... to make sure that car is not mortgaged or any such thing. Current car owner apparently has never had anyone who wanted to do a search before... says he can't hold the car while we do the search... if someone can buy it before then he'll sell it. *sigh* Shouldn't this be a standard procedure? Shouldn't whoever else wants to buy it do a search as well? Bah humbug... and I hope that no one buys it till the search comes back and I can fully decide that I'll take the car. *Fingers crossed!*

Went with Shoeaholic to a shopping centre during our lunch hour. Thought I'd buy myself some exercise gear (aka a sports bra) as Wonderful World currently has a sale going on. There are no sports bras that can properly fit me. I want to start back Zumba. It's a very aerobic activity - I need a sports bra that would provide support but will not flatten squash my chest. Why is this so hard to find? It is apparently easier for a bigger-chested person to find a suitable sports bra. Alas. Will have to look outside of my regular shopping areas... or order something online. 

Then I thought I'd look for a phone. I've gotten used to using my 3G without having major access to the world but I still want to upgrade. It's just that there are so many different phones. I'd like one that is recent (so I don't have to upgrade again any time soon) and can fit in my hand (why are phone-makers making phones so large? what about us people with small hands?!). My dad wants me to get an Android phone... because both he and my brother have Androids. That's fine... but there's so many of them! I've somewhat narrowed down my search to two or three... but then there comes the question of where I can find it. Today I went into three different phone places... they all have phones but there's always pros and cons to consider: differences in price, service, etc. etc. Of course I did not buy a phone today. Maybe sometime soon... maybe.

I found a new clothing store. At first it looked like a guy store... with games and accessories and... guy stuff. But, the guy then showed me into another room and there was girl stuff! I may have gone a bit crazy considering I haven't bought anything not food-related in quite some time. Came away with three tops and a bit of confusion. Surely three tops should not be worth a gabillion (hundreds) of dollars? Right? Ergh. This is why I don't shop. Surely three tops should not cost a gabillion dollars. Except that they did... and if I'd bought the very fabulous top Shoeaholic thought would look good on me I'd be more light-headed and have a much lighter-purse than I do now. Oy.

Yes, I know there's just 2 tops in the photo - the other is black and the Cat wanted to roll in my clothes  - I'd like to keep it as Cat-hair free as possible. 
At least they had my size. Being petite has its advantages but finding clothes is not one of them. Perhaps if I were in the US or UK or somewhere that is not here. Our stores cater for either skinny or fat people. Short or tall persons aren't catered for as much. It can be very frustrating.

Luckily, today I found stuff. They're soft and pretty. Perhaps I won't grumble *that much* about shopping today.


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