Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend... Day 2.

Happy Mother's Day!

I woke up early but got out of bed late. Tired after long day yesterday.

My dad and I had vague plans of going by my cousin for him to check out engine and mechanical stuff with new car... to make sure that all really is as well as we think it is. Cousin wasn't home and that was fine with me.

Went to lunch by the cute guy. His mom is an awesome cook... I wondered if I should have gotten something for her - as it's mother's day. I didn't - mostly cuz I was already on my way to his house when I thought about it. I'm not quite sure what the etiquette is when interacting with the cute guy's family... Help? Must do research. 

I wore one of my mom's t-shirts. One that I'd bought for her and that she loved and that I fit in. Once upon a time she was bigger than me... and then she wasn't. I may have spoken too soon yesterday... I miss my mom. Ah well. 

Went to the Trinidad and Tobago Orchid Society's orchid show. The theme this time around was 'Orchids! A gift to mothers!'... appropriate for a show being held on mother's day weekend. It's something that mom and I would have gone to. The Orchid Society outdid themselves I think, the displays were much prettier than in previous years. Cute guy and I took photos... I'm still pleased that he seems perfectly fine with going with me to flower shows. 

Pretty. Flowers are pretty. You can see more on my set on Flickr.

Giving thanks tonight for my mom, for all the women I know, for the Divine Feminine. Giving thanks also for the men who support us. 


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