Thursday, May 23, 2013

World Turtle Day!

It's World Turtle Day today... I know this because of twitter: 

Trinidad and Tobago is the nesting ground for five species of turtles: leatherbacks (as seen in the photo), hawksbills, green turtles, olive ridleys and loggerheads. I think that's pretty impressive. My department has been talking about going turtle watching during this turtle nesting season. I've been once... and it was poorly timed such that I saw not one turtle and froze most of the night (sea blast... it can be cold). I'm looking forward to trying again sometime. Read that Trinidad is 'now likely the world's leading tourist destination for people to see leatherbacks'. If the world is coming here to see them then surely I can take time to go see them as well. 

If you're interested in turtle watching or conservation you can check out the Turtle Village Trust. They're doing some really good work. 


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