Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th.

"We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race." ~Cicero

Today is the 10th anniversary of attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. These events took place in the United States but  echoed around the world - shock, horror, grief, prayer, faith. I don't remember where I was at the time... but I do remember my family being stunned... I'd never been to the World Trade Center (my dad has though) but my mom, brother and I had been in NYC the month before. We had family and friends in New York. It was horrifying to think that something may have happened to them. It was horrifying to learn that people would purposefully attack those places knowing that it would cause so much damage.

Today, 10 years later there are a lot of memories... a lot of thoughts about what happened and why... a lot of thoughts about how such a thing should never happen again. 

I join so many people today, my family, my country and persons around the world in saying a prayer for those that passed in that event, those that were affected by it in any way and those that worked to make it better.


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