Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrific Tuesday...

"Health, contentment, and trust are your greatest possessions. And freedom your greatest joy." ~Buddha

I never know quite what to name blog posts so this will have to do - cuz it's really been a good day. No work today - was in Mayaro with the family (work people if you're reading this it was due to circumstances beyond my control). Got up with the sunrise and took photos, went back to bed, went walking on the beach, was befriended by stray dogs, went 'swimming' (it's in quotation marks cuz I can't really swim - I've had lessons on multiple occasions but they've never stuck) in a pool with my dad, tried to coax my mom in, spent some time in a jacuzzi, bickered with my brother, came home and played with and fell asleep with the kitten (who is a big cat now), and then realised that I'd gotten my Pottermore email (which resulted in a lot of time spent as I figured out the basics - I am now officially a Slytherin).  

Overall it was a Very Good Day. 

Hope you had one as well..



Anonymous said...

I would not have figured you for a slytherin. I think I would choose Ravenclaw.

Unknown said...

I wondered which house I'd end up in as well.. have seen traits from all Houses in myself.

It was a very interesting Sorting Hat quiz. :)

You'd choose Ravenclaw for yourself? or for me?

Pottermore - it's so exciting! .. lol

guaicotamana said...

Quiz was interesting.

Iz a Ravenclaw