Thursday, September 8, 2011

Once upon a time...

"In the ideal college, intrinsic education would be available to anyone who wanted it…The college would be life-long, for learning can take place all through life." ~Abraham Maslow

In my early teens I came across a book in the school library that I couldn't put down once I started reading it. I wish I remember what the name was.. or the name of the author .. or even the names of the main characters but it's gone. It's all lost in my memory.  It was essentially a coming-of age story of a girl ... different in that it was set in a future setting where people were trained to use that special gift they were most capable of... if one had a talent for healing or for fixing things or for thinking up ideas and solutions - one would be trained in that and then allowed to take one's place in society as a person doing what one was meant to do. 

It would be extremely wonderful if that were to happen in this present day. It would be extremely wonderful if people were valued and rewarded for their natural talents. It would be extremely wonderful if persons were to go into jobs such as in the medical or teaching profession simply because of their love for medicine (and healing) or teaching (and imparting knowledge) instead of going into those professions for the monetary benefits or the holidays. 

What would it take to get our society to that state? 

I became extremely aware today of our failing education system - I'm not quite sure how much of that I can speak of since it's related to my job and the work I do - I'm just a bit sad about it... a bit scared about it... there will come a time when there will not be enough skilled people... when there will be people with an overinflated sense of accomplishment. Am not sure where that will lead us. 

Thoughtful tonight...


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