Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free writing for a bit... (10 minutes)

Tired tonight. Sat down to write a blog post and was interrupted by my aunt calling to say that my other aunt was physically assaulted by a teenager. Short story - my aunt owns a store in our village, male teen (19 years) was making out with a 13 year old  female in front her store, my aunt told them to either have some decency in front her store or change locations, male teen took offence and decided to assault my aunt, hands around neck and etcetera. That's the story I've got thus far. Not sure how it was broken up but I do know that my aunt reported the matter to the police. I don't quite have the words to describe how mad/upset I am. What exactly is going wrong with our world? Or our youth? Or whatever? In my day (and really I'm not *that* old) people had respect for their elders... and for themselves... there is no way that at 13 years I'd be making out with some boy in full view of the world. Madness. 

I'd planned to write today on my love for fantasy books... Dragon*Con was this weekend gone - I'd like to attend some year in the future... mentioned this on twitter and was asked what I was interested in and really it's fantasy. I like that there are people that can create entire worlds and write about it such that I'm sucked in and the real world disappears for a bit. I like that there are so many views that can be presented... I like the magic and mysticism, the intrigue and politics, the romance, the battle of good and evil. I'd like to be able to create and shape a world to my standards / principles / everything... I've said before that if I was in charge there would not be a democracy.. because I'm quite sure that my standards/principles/etcetera would build a 'better' world. Better social structure... better economic models... room for people to breathe and grow and find out just where their talents lie and how best they could be used. I'm not sure what that says about me. Do I have a superiority complex? Am not sure. I know though that in a world where I ruled no child would even think to assault an elder... especially not a female elder. 

Need to do some breathing tonight. 



Anonymous said...

You don't necessarily have to create a Fantasy world to live in a society where you have room to breathe and grow.

There are countries around the world with proper social systems and support services that allow their citizens to do just that.

Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, and to some extent Canada are a few such countries.

Change your location and you may find what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear,..

Unknown said...

@Anonymous... I know bout those other countries.. Sweden in particular I find interesting.. I can't change my location at this time - responsibilities to family and such - everyone is grounded here .. I think if it were just myself to thing about I'd definitely move.

@Guaico.. Thanks.. I was so mad! :s It's been reported to the police though - situation being monitored..