Thursday, September 1, 2011


"You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts."
Brian Tracy

Return to the blog after a week away. 

Been thinking thoughts about life and what it's about... about work and what people get involved in... about people and what their thoughts are... about relationships and what they are about. It's got me fairly muddled - I should have been writing it out instead of sinking into work and home and the thoughts floating around my head. I've signed up to do NaBloPoMo this month so I'm committing to writing each day this month - something I need to do... and also something that freaks me out a bit. 

Saw 2 and 3/4 movies between when I last posted and now... They were all meaningful in some way - all with points to think about - all worth watching (again and again).

The first - 'Stranger than Fiction'- I only saw about 3/4 of it and it's a movie I really must see again in its entirety. There will be no spoiler alerts here... no writings about the plot line... just an observance that it tied in with my thoughts about death at the time. I'm a believer in things occurring when they need to... that a book/movie/person will appear in your life when you're thinking about/need it. This movie was like that for me. A question that came to mind - if you knew the date/time/event of your death... would you try to change it? 

The second - 'Julie and Julia' - I guess you can tell that I don't see that many films the moment they appear in cinemas... though that's slowly changing thanks to Shoeaholic... I loved it - actually my entire family loved it which is a rarity in itself. It takes a lot of dedication to blog each day ... and further to cook each day and then blog about it though I do know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that do this. To a person like myself who has no stick-to-it-ive-ness it's very admirable. I also loved how she found Julie (and Julia actually) lost herself and found herself. Life is one strange circle. 

The third - 'Becoming Jane' - I love Anne Hathaway and just about all of the movies that I've seen her in. I also love Jane Austen and think her books are a most scrumptious read. I think sometimes that I'd love to live in a period where there are balls which one must get dressed up for, which everyone knew the dances for and attended. Of course I also know that that's not all that went on in those times. Arranged marriages... marrying for wealth and position.. Hmm. My mother met with her girl group today (every woman - no matter how old - should have a girl group)... they're all thinking that it's high time I get married - ergh... and then I saw this movie. I could not marry someone I felt no affection for. I could not marry someone that has no affection for me. How does one know of either set of feelings? Is it an age thing that makes me think of marriage? I was so sure once upon a time that I *never* wanted to be. 

Art imitates life and truly these films are interesting works of art which look at different aspects of life as it is. In some way, though I've not been writing it out, I've been working out my thoughts and feelings. Am hoping that soon I will know exactly what I'd like to attract in my life. 

Saying a prayer and sending out love to you who may also be figuring out your lives.. or may have it all figured out... 


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