Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More car stories

I got my old car sold today. Bit of a relief in that it's no longer just sitting in the garage, I'm no longer responsible for its care. Bit of... nostalgic feelings... first car bought and now sold.  

Had a bit of drama with it - car decided to give trouble - been told it's because it didn't want to be sold. Luckily we sorted out everything and the process of selling/transferring car to new owner was fairly smooth. 

Felt grateful for my dad. I think he has a magic touch when it comes to buying and selling vehicles. I'm also glad he was there when car decided to give trouble, that he got car fixed up, that he was there for the whole process. 

Yes, I'm an adult and in all likelihood could conduct such transactions by myself with no fuss. It's just good to know that there's someone that's got your back even if at times you may not think so. 

Long day today but... Yay! Got car sold!



Unknown said...

The loss of your first car, I know that feeling, Ren! But your decision to sell it is wiser than letting it stuck and unused; it will rust and deteriorate eventually. Do you plan on getting a new one? Why don't you buy a used one? It's relatively cheaper, and you'll have a wider selection.

Basil Glenn @

Unknown said...

Hi Basil,

I got the new car before selling the old ( It's a local used and definitely much cheaper than a new one.

Thanks for commenting!